marc durandeau


I like to write and compose songs and find ways to describe my thoughts regarding love and society. Some listeners want to hear a nice beat and simple lyrics that allows them to experience their own ideas an momentums. Others simply want to get more deeply involved with the text of a song and let themselves be moved by its messages or stories. My songwriting follows the latter, the one that suggests that messages and stories within the text might actually help move your heart.

When I was 13, while playing one of my melodies on the piano, I realized that my imagination was connected to some kind of 'new place', that allowed me to feel closer to nature. Nature has always given me large amounts of energy and, along with music, has allowed my emotions to sense the untouchable. When I was a young teenager, many of those 'journeys' occurred near various of the animals that live in the Catalan Pyrenees, deer, rabbits, foxes, birds…, not far from where I grew up. 

Nowadays however, when I play a new melody on the piano or guitar,

most of the time my mind goes to a different place: Humanity. ​


"Diversity is what makes life happen"

"Diversity is what makes economy grow"

pick the one you like the most


Below is one of the melodies I described earlier


Vals d'Eva


"If you recognize me and I recognize you with the same freedom

we both recognize love, then we are safe!"


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